Our Grant Process

Although we can only make a limited number of grants, we welcome the opportunity to learn more about high-performing organizations focused on immigration, education and entrepreneurship that meet the investment criteria. Please reference our focus and approach.

  • Organizations that believe they meet the criteria should complete the form below. They will receive a response within 30 days.
  • If there is no potential, we will communicate that courteously and unambiguously. If there is potential for funding, next steps will include 1-2 meeting/site visits; follow-up email/phone correspondence (in lieu of a formal proposal); request and review of organization’s financials; confirmation of funding decision; agreement on grant objectives; and execution of grant.
  • CFF will have limited formal reporting processes, particularly in terms of written materials. We will conduct quarterly or twice-yearly check-ins to which our grantees should bring organized thinking, not heavy powerpoint.

Grantee Inquiry

All fields are required.