- February 7, 2019

NAE Creates and Launches Cities Index, Looking at How 100 Cities Welcome Immigrants

The Chavez Family Foundation Grant directly aided in NAE's creation and launch of the Cities Index, the first-ever comprehensive, interactive look at how the largest 100 cities in the United States welcome immigrants. The index systematically evaluates immigrant integration by measuring local policies and socioeconomic outcomes to provide insight on how local communities can maximize the potential of their immigrant populations for the well-being of all residents. The Cities Index has already incentivized multiple cities to invest in integration efforts and is helping many others understand what programs and policies are successful.

The Index is part of NAE's larger immigrant integration efforts which now include more than 71 communities-- 85 percent which are in conservative states-- that have resulted in the launch of dozens of strategic integration plans, the creation of Offices of New Americans all across the country, and the adoption of programs and polices that are changing the daily lives of immigrants and native born Americans all across the country.

Read more about the NAE's Cities Index.

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